Welcome to Sawah Indah Villa
  • Trekking to The Rice Field or to The High Temple of Sidemen (Pura Bukit)
    USD 8 per hour

    See some amazing rice terraces around the area with a local guide who will take you to the farmers’s path, and also he will tell you the plants that are growing around the area and other things.
  • Mount Agung Climbing
    USD 55 per person (minimum two person)
    An amazing spiritual journey to this most sacred mount in Bali where you will start at a temple called “Pasar Agung” which is located in the middle of the mountain. From the top of mount Agung you will be able to see a spectacular view of east, south and west of Bali or even Lombok in a very clear day. We recommend to leave the hotel at 2 am if you want to see the sunrise and to avoid the heat going down from the mountain. The price includes transportation, climbing guide fee, entrance fee and breakfast at the top.
  • River Rafting at Telaga Waja River
    USD 50 per person
    Enjoy a very fun river rafting with your love one, family or friends where you will stop at an amazing waterfall halfway through the trip and buffet lunch in a restaurant which is located on the cliff at the finishing point. Lots of fun !!! The price includes transportation and buffet lunch.
  • A Traditional Balinesse Massage
    USD 12 per person (per hour)
    To Relax Your Muscles After a Tiring Day
  • Yoga Classes
    USD 30 per person per class

    Taught by a well trained yoga teacher
  • Chakra Massage Bayu Surya
    USD 35 per person per hour
    Chakra is in each of you, but you have to train to control it in order to develop this energy. If you manage to control it well, you'll find peace and health
  • A Day Trip to Visit Besakih and Kerta Gosa
    USD 50
    The largest and most sacred Hindu temple in Indonesia and the historical justice court of Bali
  • Learn How to Do Weavings
    USD 8 per person per hour

    Sidemen is famous in Bali for its Songket ang Ikat weaving. Our staff will show you the designing and the process of weaving
  • Learn How to Do Balinese Dancing
    USD 8 per person per hour
    Taught by a local high school dance teacher
  • Palms Reading
    USD 18 per person

    Have your palm red by a Japanese palm reader who is married to a local man.
  • Watch “Genjek”
    USD 10 per person (minimum 5 persons)
    Genjek is a local celebration by village men which includes singing, dancing and a bit of drinking.

To book one of these activities please contact us